Rhythm and Insight Drop Party

Two Korean artists join together to celebrate drops of artwork that are informed and inspired by jazz music.

Lindsayking, a graduate of Parsons school of design and a prolific digital artist and animator, explores her appreciation of jazz as a constant soundtrack to her life and work with “Those Sweet Moments”, while providing a re-interpretation of the typical male jazz scenes with all musicians as women. Although the visuals are expressing jazz, music is intentionally not provided, so that the viewer’s auditory imagination can have free reign. Using her trademark bright color palette and buoyant animation style, Lindsay captures a dreamlike scene that simultaneously uplifts and also draws the viewer into a state of meditation.

In “Subconscious”, Sunjae Lee, a Korean-American visual artist and jazz musician originally from Boston, explores the division and interaction of the conscious and subconscious mind through a combination of media- digital drawing, animation, 35mm film photography, and finally, recordings of his jazz saxophone playing combined with contributions from his closest musical colleague, drummer Junyoung Song. A horizontal filmstrip which contains a desolate mountain range with rain represents the conscious mind, while the grainy photograph in the background which resonates with cymbal crashes represents the subconscious. Lightning represents flashes of insight that reverberate through both regions.

The two artists and two works of art are quite different in feel and gravity, but share the sense of respect for jazz music as a substrate for insight. To celebrate the complementary drops, there will be a Twitter space drop party hosted by @zenaviart (a great host who is also someone who often explores the intersection of animated digital art and original music):

Tuesday 7:30AM PST / 10:30AM EST / 11:30PM KST

The drop party will last two hours and will close with a live saxophone performance by Sunjae Lee as well so be sure to stick around until the end!

We would like to thank lindsaykingdom for giving up their time to collaborate on this with us.