Korean Artists - Notice the discovery of a new art structured by connection

Here are three Korean artists. They came here to challenge a new world. That's right. It is a new medium called NFT. NFT art enjoys and trades art works as digitized data without a material presence. There are no originals in the classic sense, and there are no intermediaries. It is embodied in the concept of the original as agreed only by the observer's experience. Art that has artistic meaning by the observer exploring the structure? This is conceptual art. It is very interesting to be an art market that is made by the act of conceptual art between the seller and the buyer.

NFT allows you to experience visual arts created with techniques that follow artistic traditions with anti-art techniques. We are creating a new market by building up conflicting concepts that hurt our head.The layout of the trading platform looks like a shopping mall. The art works presented are by the art world bastards such as low blow art, CG, and video art. Art and economy, jokes and philosophy are interconnected and structured like a web and piled high.

It doesn't matter if you don't understand the snobbish pedantic rhetoric I used.The brave new world you'll see is a world of multi-layered structures where upper and lower cultures are mixed without distinction to share wisdom and jokes with each other.

There is a huge drop party at the Korean NFT Club in the Club House. May 22nd at 3:00PM(UTC), 11:00AM(EST), May 23rd at 00:00AM(KST) Don't miss it. Check this link

TomayTravel | Does the metaverse dream of multi-layered memories?

TomayTravel is an artist based on classic painting and CG illustrations. Recently, he met a new world called NFT and is conducting various experiments.In the new world, genres that existed outside the classic art concept of video and CG are dominated. It is a world where memes and jokes that go beyond the concept of borrowing popular culture are active at the forefront.He defines the space called metaverse as “a world of multi-layered experiences in reality” and explores the possibility of artistic activities created within it.

In this work, anime such as cyborgs, robots, and magical girls contained in his memory, and popular cultural codes such as Tron movie (1982, Disney) appear in layers.Good! Multi-layered experiences, popular culture, and jokes are likely to bring fun things together.

The title of the new series is "Laser Popsicle Girl".This isthe story of the adventures of girls who transform when they eat laser popsicles. This sounds like a nasty joke about a dystopian magical girl anime (popsicles are legal!). The protagonist of an anime magical girl like Sailor Moon achieves superhuman growth beyond metacognition. Party with friends. The place of the party is a virtual world. The friends entering the party wear Oculus on their heads in real life. The party is made up of voice signals from friends on the other side of the globe, transmitted at the speed of light.

Metaverse's Avatar enables us to experience a superhuman beyond realistic constraints. The story of a magical girl transforming into a tron cyborg adventures the boundary between reality and virtual is probably the best material to analogy the metaverse. These girls will be good guides for hitchhikers touring the metaverse.

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Yong-oh KIM | Experience and imagination through travel

Yongoh Kim is a young Korean-based artist working on digital illustrations, paintings, and videos.He has collaborated with companies such as Nike, Fila, Roger Vivier, Valentine's Whiskey, and Samsung, and has been active in the fields of commercial video and illustration.

He has been fond of traveling since childhood, and he has experienced many long trips. He has been working as a digital nomad for two years from 2017 to 2019, after traveling around the world, and is now working on that experience. His work is made into fantasy by reinterpreting numerous characters and stories that exist in reality through various colors and lines. The results collected and recorded from a trip based on personal experience are trying to contain the characteristics of the culture and lifestyle of the place that forms the basis of it. The imagination is added and changed according to the characteristics of the space, the situation (event), and the emotion.

In the field of NFT art, Kim Yong-oh's work is an extension of his artistic progress, showing the connectedness of various worlds in his own unique style. It doesn't need much explanation. Please note his newly released work this time. Unique, hipster, digital nomad, all kinds of cool things will be able to be seen in one.

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MOJunseok | Talking about boundaries and coexistence

MO Junseok is an Korean sculptor based in Paris & Seoul, and uses metal as the main material. At his artworks, different lines are connected to form one shape, with different buildings connected to the outside, and the interior is empty without walls.

He asks about the boundary and coexistence between you and me through this void space without walls. He is currently experimenting spatial drawing through lines in virtual space. This is an extension of the sculpture he has been working on for over 10 years. In physical world, he creates usually artworks with a hammer, pincers, and welding, but his NFT artworks are 3D digital sculptures made with gestures in virtual space with a VR headset.

Virtual spaces without gravity also have no boundaries and walls. Here we can expand indefinitely and communicate beyond time and space. So, this space is also a scene for artistic experimentation that makes him think of coexistence in different ways. In this space, Mo Junseok makes sculptures with lines. We can move the finished work with our own fingers by touching the screen and view the work from various viewpoints. As we move the artwork, the lines gather and scatter, and they seem to show our life. In this way, he crosses the boundaries of sculptures that are constrained by space through drawings in virtual space.

Please stay tuned for this artist's various challenges and experiments in studying and asking about boundaries and coexistence.

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We would like to thank junseokmo for giving up their time to collaborate on this with us.