Joyfa joins KnownOrigin on Digital Fashion Partnership

Japan: Tokyo-based digital fashion house, Joyfa, will be partnering with KnownOrigin, in creating new digital fashion NFTs.

Founded in 2021, the company develops an AI-based digital fashion wearing system that automatically synthesizes digital clothing into user’s photos. The company also works with fashion brands, entertainment companies, and book publishers in planning, designing, and creating digital clothing.

KnownOrigin is currently expanding its digital fashion division with #FashionFridays, a dedicated day to give a platform to 3D artists, art directors, and creatives to talk about the future of fashion, bringing visibility to up-and-coming digital fashion designers.

As a first step towards the project’s realization, Joyfa will drop a 3D-based digital fashion ensemble designed by SpaceCraft Agency model Mika Hirose, to be issued as an NFT on Ethereum and sold on the marketplace. Owners of this NFT will be able to unlock the experience of having the digital outfit overlaid on their photographs, to look as if they were wearing it in real life. Through this partnership, Joyfa and KnownOrigin are positioned to support European and Japanese fashion brands, as well as artists to create next-generation digital fashion experience.

We are very excited to join forces with Joyfa and the amazing talent that it houses. This represents and opportunity for our platform to enter the vibrant Japanese fashion scene and it's something that we are really proud of. We want to give Joyfa and all of our 3D creatives the spotlight they deserve, so these upcoming NFT drops will come with some interesting journal pieces and interviews on our platforms as part of our 'Fashion Fridays'

Edua Sykes - Digital Fashion Consultant