Future Art X KnownOrigin

Creative Challenge

We have partnered with Future Art for this latest Creative Challenge, this will be an open call for artists to submit artworks on the theme of FUTURE VIBE

The selected artists will be showcased alongside the best of the crypto-art scene and will feature in the dedicated collection on KnownOrigin.

All of the selected will be available to purchase at the Future Art event as rare digital artwork and via the KnownOrigin site.

This year’s immersive rare digital art show Future Art will take place in the belly of Sydney’s legendary Paddington Town Hall from January 15th - 21st. The 3-day event will showcase the best of the rising local and global crypto-art scene, which works using emerging blockchain powered NFTs (non-fungible tokens), which has seen art creators sell over $20 million during the last 12 month's.

Free to enter

5th Jan - CALL FOR ARTISTS - Submission link

10th Jan - Submission Deadline

Future Vibe Creative Challenge, in collaboration with Future Art & KnownOrigin

A dedicated judging panel will select 12 artworks from all the submissions, these will be officially announced before the 15th Jan.

The selected artworks will be exhibited as part of a Future Art collection on KnownOrigin and in real life at the Sydney event.

This Creative Challenge is free to enter and is open to graphic designers, artists and creatives all types and of all levels.

All participants are invited to upload an artwork on KnownOrigin and submit their entry via the submission form. All artwork must be on topic and original. (See rules of engagement)

Rules of engagement

(1) An open call for artists to submit digital artwork to be included in ‘Future vibe Creative Challenge’ collection. SUBMISSION DEADLINE 10th JAN 23:59pm

(2) Artwork should follow the ‘Future Vibe’ themed, the goals is to showcase the diversity in the crypto and digital art space.

(3) Artwork submission spec - supported files: PNG, JPG, Gif, SVG & WebP, GLB, WebM & Mp4

(4) A shortlist of artworks will be selected by a dedicated jury panel.

(5) All artworks will be moderated, please ensure that any images used do not infringed copyright laws and that the artwork is original.

(6) No submissions will be discounted. Unless it is illegal, violent, disturbing, and exploitative.

(7) Each selected artwork will be uploaded to KnownOrigin and available to purchase as a limited editions digital artwork.

(8) All selected artworks must be original and MUST NOT be tokenised on any other blockchain platform.

(9) KnownOrigin will receive 15% commission of each sale as part of this Creative Challenge.