FlowState parametric sculpture from perpetual-cgi

[FlowState] is an innovative parametric-design sculpture with proof of authenticity on the Ethereum Blockchain.

Parametric design is a modern principle that combines engineering and art with the help of technology and industrial machinery. [FlowState] is a product of this combination.

Sculpture is designed by Ediz Onay using a CAD software. Slice by slice, prepared for manufacturing... Turned into thousands of lines of code in a CAM suite and fed to a CNC router’s controller for machining. It was carved out of baltic birch plywood sheets and came to life in the hands of Sam Gaddis at StudioMetric.

[FlowState] is presented and listed as an NFT with an animation. Animation is an infinite loop as Perpetual_cgi's signature style. It's focusing on the true nature of sculpture while giving the audience a glimpse of the assembly process. Dark blue background is picked to represent the ocean, the inspiration of the sculpture itself while the touch of gold is hinting on the blockchain and its golden future.

[FlowState] NFT is a collection of digital and physical assets. The collector of this NFT will not only own a unique animation but will also receive the actual sculpture and the infinite object display. The physical pieces are stored and shipped in a custom made box that serves as a loot chest. Box has the StudioMetric and Perpetual_cgi logos carved on the bottom of it and an “X” in the middle of them as if it was a mythical treasure chest.