Digital Natives

Manchester, UK - The countdown is on for Digital Natives: A Celebration of Digital Art & NFTs, an innovative party exhibition by KnownOrigin at No. 1 Circle Square.

Starting at 6:30pm on October 1st, this pivotal event will include an immersive gallery showcasing top-selling british artist XCOPY and featuring pioneering digital artists of the NFT and crypto art world, such as generative & MoMA permanent resident artist Brendan Dawes, and the creator of EVOL, 3D digital artist KidEight. Attendees will also witness a live performance by abstract artist Jake-Andrew, who will be creating an original artwork specifically for this event.

“We are excited to bring some of the most innovative creative talent from the digital world to this in-real-life event in Manchester to celebrate #cryptoart and KnownOrigin” said founder, Andy Gray.

Digital Natives will also showcase Digital Fashion NFTs from 3D designers across the world, such as fashion surrealist Thedholes, and will include an exciting partnership with digital fashion retailer, DRESSX, to gift digital outfits to twenty winners from their Met Gala-inspired collection METaverse.

“The last 3 years have been wild, we have seen digital art and NFTs go from relative obscurity to appearing on Saturday Night Live. I never imagined that this small movement started by a handful of artists and tech enthusiasts would accelerate the creator economy we all see today” said founder, David Moore

Attendees will not only get immersed in the artworks, but they will also be able to purchase them during the event, which will be elevated by DJ Hey Dan alongside canapes, drinks and all round good vibes.

Digital Natives aims to not only be a celebration but also an opportunity to meet other creatives and industry leaders to learn about the NFT space. Prior to the main event, starting at 3:30pm, KnownOrigin’s headquarters will be holding a series of workshops by pioneers and experts from across the Metaverse, such as digital fashion designer Charli Cohen, Achilleas Sarantaris from Async Art, Holly Atkinson from Boson Protocol, and editor of CYBR Magazine, James Joseph.

This event will gather the creative community of artists and tech entrepreneurs for an unprecedented night in the North West of England.

"I'm really excited about this event, finally meeting again in person with the amazing community that we have been working with over the last few years. It is going to be a huge night for us and we can't wait to bring everybody together in one room" said founder, James Morgan.

"This really is the event of the season in the North West and there’s nothing better than styling it up with some amazing digital fashion NFTs. DRESSX is a fantastic digital fashion retailer and we are very excited for this partnership. Along with the cryptoart exhibition, the live performance, and our creative community, it promises to be one wonderful night" said Edua Sykes (Events Manager)

What are NFTs?

2021 saw an explosion in digital art / NFT sales! But what are NFTs (Non-fungible tokens)? The origins of NFTs can be traced back to Rare Pepes on top of Bitcoin. However you’ve likely heard of Cryptokitties, a blockchain game on Ethereum, which helped elevate NFTs into the spotlight in 2017. Since then the market has moved on from just gaming to include unique items including art collections, trading cards, and even real estate.

According to the recent report from Nonfungible and L’Atelier, the NFT market grew 299% in 2020, jumping to $250 million from the $62 million it was worth in 2019.

What attracts collectors to this emerging asset class is that every token is unique and, unlike other digital collectibles, NFTs are recorded on immutable ledgers (Blockchains) meaning that a collector always actually owns their collectible and knows the true scarcity of the item due to this information being publicly available.

It is of great significance that this unprecedented event will take place in Manchester, a city that has always flourished throughout revolutionary eras, and that is renowned for producing talented artists and technology innovations

Who are KnownOrigin?

KnownOrigin is a premium destination to discover and buy rare digital artworks which are digitally signed and verified through the blockchain. Founded by David Moore, Andy Gray and James Morgan in early 2018, it became one of the earliest and fastest growing Ethereum art platforms. To date they have sold over 14 million dollars of assets to a new wave of collectors.

Today, we host over 4,000 verified artists from all over the world with one sole mission: to empower digital creatives to monetise their craft, as well as to engage with their fan base and collectors in a meaningful way.

We goal is to build a community run and owned platform, empowering artists and collectors by providing a core pillar for the future of Web 3.0.

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