Brendan Dawes x Gazelli Art House presents .EXT Exhibition

Opening on May 26th,’ will host ‘.ext’ an exciting new exhibition featuring physical works by three new media artists: Claudia Hart, Tupac Martir and Brendan Dawes, a favourite of KnownOrigin collectors.

The exhibition which celebrates the gallery’s commitment to digital art coincides with the launch of Gazelli’s “NFTuesdays”, a series of NFT drops which begins with Brendan Dawes on 25th May on KnownOrigin, followed by Hart and Martir on Opensea, with other artists linked to the gallery to follow in the future. The exhibition will be installed in’s new project space located on Dover Street, London and will run from the 26th of May to the 1st of July.

Commenting on the exhibition, Mila Askarova, founder of’s parent gallery Gazelli Art House said:

“ appeals to the next generation of art enthusiasts, our new NFT exhibition ‘.ext’ showcases this demographic’s interest and brings this previously overlooked genre to the fore. We’re excited to support the dialogue surrounding crypto-art and to bring our experience of new media art which we have been developing over the past several years with our VR exhibitions Enter Through the Headset and residencies.”

No stranger to KnownOrigin, Dawes, a Lumen prize and Aesthetica art prize Alumni has featured in exhibitions across the world including three MoMA shows in New York. Since joining KnownOrigin, he has released 13 editions with his most recent collection, “Moments” selling for over 25 Eth.

Dawes’ body of work for the exhibition, “The Collectors (2021)” will be presented as three architectural 3D printed sculptures, accompanied by three digital screens showing the corresponding NFTs which will be available to purchase from KnownOrigin. The work is inspired by his top three NFT collectors: Whaleshark, Paris Hilton and Vignesh Sundaresan who is more commonly known in the NFT community as MetaKovan and is famed for his record-breaking purchase of Beeple’s Everyday’: The First 5000 Days for which he paid $69 million in March of this year.

Commenting on the artwork, Dawes, said:

“When Gazelli got in touch with me to talk about what we could do together I thought about the possibilities a physical gallery show could afford and how an NFT would manifest in the context of a real-world space. Much of my work is sculptural so it seemed the perfect opportunity to make an analogue, physical form that would sit alongside and be a part of the digital NFT. I think the fusing together of the digital and analogue worlds in the context of NFTs is a rich area to explore and I'm really happy to start this journey with Gazelli and KnownOrigin.”

Dawes and the The Gazelli Art House are bridging the digital and physical world with this latest artwork by brendan Dawes. The artists and gallery are blurring the lines between digital art, physical sculpture & data. KnownOrigin can see a future where more & more galleries use NFTs to replace the traditional Certificate of authentication. The .ext show is a big milestone in the evolution of the crypto art scene.

If you wish to connect with the knownOrigin team, we will be attending the preview night (25th May) at Gazelli Art House.

The KnownOrigin team will endeavour to commit to as many appointments as possible during our visit, however this will be a first come basis.