Sven Eberwein • Artist Spotlight

What got you in to Crypto art?

The first time I heard about crypto art was at Burning Man, 2019. I was part of a group building an art installation where I meet Sky. He was familiar with my digital works and explained ti me the process of tokenization and the ERC-721 standard. I immediately fell in love with the idea, since I was into crypto already, but haven’t had connected the dots yet. Some thoughts about crypto art more generally. It’s a new medium with new rules, new artists, new collectors and a new audience. The concept of digital value and ownership is key to understand the fundamental relevance of tokenized art and how it will manifest itself into the future art world. Every time I read one of the “Right Click – Save as” Tweets I smile a little and get excited about being ahead of the curve.

Where do you get your inspiration?

To me, as an Artist, the most interesting aspect about the merger of art & crypto is the introduction of code as medium of creative expression & a new distribution model for digital goods. Experimenting with those new tools and conditions is very inspiring.

What do you think of traditional artwork?

Certainly the most relevant art \ artists are from the traditional art world. I admire the space and hope that crypto art can grow into becoming a significant branch of the global art world.

Do you think your art is fulfilling a purpose?

I do not really think that the art itself is fulfilling a purpose. I do think that the chain of thought it might trigger is the purpose. Giving suggestions and experimenting with this new crypto - value - medium is my core aspiration with digital art.

How did you start out as an artist?

I vividly remember the first time I opened up Maya in my early teenage years. I had seen a video on YouTube where somebody had built a 3D Model and replaced it with an existing one in GTA Vice City. I didn’t know how, but I knew, I wanted to do the same. Ever since, the artistic & creative application of software has been my life.

Who or what inspires your work?

I make Art for the Internet. Paramount to all my work is to be at the forefront of digital culture & technology. I want to capture a fraction of the digital Zeitgeist and preserve it in a tokenized GIF that will live forever. A bit wonky, a bit quirky but actually with a deeper meaning and cultural context rooted somewhere in the world-wide-web.

Who or what inspires your work?

All the ones that have been ahead of their times.

Final question, what’s next for you as an artist?

I have been designing soundscapes long before experimenting with visual art. I have several audiovisual pieces in the works; I hope to next depict the interaction of the physical and digital realms in the manner a synesthete experiences multiple senses at once. I have quite a few collaborations in the works. I'm confident that the NFT and greater art community will resonate with what we have in store for the future.

We would like to thank Sven Eberwein for giving up their time to collaborate on this with us. Article by @sven_eberwein.