bieroza • Artist Spotlight

What got you in to Crypto art?

As an artist I'm always curious about the world. Possibilities of NFT are so inspiring. For me, this is glimpse of exciting new future. I want to create little part of it.

Where do you get your inspiration?

If it weren't for the fact that browsing through other artists' works is so enjoyable, I would say that I am forced to browse through them and be up to date. it is very inspiring and motivating to personal development. There are also movies, books, emotions, fairy tales, legends, stories, experiences, memories, people who surround you - a combo of it all filtered by me through my eye and through my hand gives an illustration.

What do you think of traditional artwork?

The history of art is inextricably intertwined with my artistic education. There are epochs of painting closer to my heart, just like with specific works of art. In past I worked with all the traditional techniques of painting, workshop graphics, drawing on a live model, learning the rules of composition, color matching, etc. I loved it and I respect such a traditional workshop very much. I don't treat crypto art as a rebellion against traditional painting, especially since my works are not so far removed from traditional techniques. I like meetings of different worlds, I do it all the time. I do not exclude any way of expression. It is good to know the roots, to know when we actually oppose them and when we draw from them.

Do you think your art is fulfilling a purpose?

It's hard to define what this goal ultimately is. I am definitely moved when someone wants to live with my illustrations, hang them on the wall and spend time with them, but ultimately, it is not my goal. It's a nice addition, but creating is very selfish and it's mostly about me and this feeling that sometimes I just HAVE to draw something. If someone sees a part of himself in my art, that's great.

How did you start out as an artist?

I have been drawing since I was little, actually these are my earliest childhood memories. I just started and never stopped. I graduated from the State Secondary School of Fine Arts in Suprasl in the field of graphic arts, I continued my education at the Academy of Fine Arts in Łódź. In the meantime, I was also drawn to design and I quickly started working in a graphic studio, combining work with studies. So I developed in both directions, being a designer turned into an art direction in advertising agencies. I still combine all these aspects, because apart from being a illustrator, I also run a branding studio – wyraz. So juggling on the border of visual worlds is something that just happens and cryptoart seems to be an interesting path to explore.

Who or what inspires your work?

I don't know if it would be easier to say what doesn't inspire me, because it seems to be a continuous process. It often happens that even I will inspire myself, or a detail of something I just drew for the idea for the next illustration.

Which other artist(s) do you admire?

I am inspired by old masters as well as names from Instagram. In a pandemic, I miss going to traditional museums and galleries, which I make up for by browsing albums, luckily on Instagram, work is in full swing. I love Lucian Freud, Wilhelm Sasnal, and in contrast, I admire Anna Wypych's hyper-realistic works.

Final question, what’s next for you as an artist?

I want to constantly develop and be better and improve my workshop. The last two years I've been trying new things all the time, which is quite a refreshment for me - I'm in my color phase now. I spent most of my drawing career in black and white in traditional, engraving drawing, so I am exploring this new phase all the time - I still have a lot to do in it.

We would like to thank bieroza for giving up their time to collaborate on this with us.