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What you need to know about KnownOrigin

last updated 8 February 2021

David Moore, Andy Gray and James Morgan are the co-founders of one the earliest and fastest growing Ethereum art platforms within Web 3.0. A little over 2 years ago we launched KnownOrigin with a POP-up gallery event in Manchester.

We now have 1000+ artists on the platform, over 7000 editions and more than 11000 digital artworks sold totaling $1.3 million in sales to date.

To get the full story about the launch of the Beta you should check out this article: KnownOrigin Launch Event

Our proposal:

Authenticate, showcase and sell rare digital artwork

KnownOrigin is an artist-driven platform that makes it easy for digital creators to authenticate, showcase and sell the artwork they produce.

We want to empower digital creatives the world over to monetise their craft and to engage with their fan base and collectors on a meaningful, transparent and fair basis.

Our goal is to build and deliver a community run and owned platform, empowering artists and collectors by providing a core pillar for the future of Web 3.0.

How does KnownOrigin work

Empowering artists with a platform to showcase and sell their work securely supported with a public blockchain solution

Applying to be an artist

To become an artists or contributor on KnownOrigin you must create a profile page. This is typically a profile picture, Bio and social account such as twitter and instagram and can be done via the Sign in tab. Artists will need to have a digital wallet such as MetaMask.io installed before doing this. Once a profile is created you are free to apply via Our Artist application form. We spend time reviewing the applications and verifying the artists via direct message on Instagram, Twitter and email. We try to ensure a very high level of due diligence and this can have an impact on how long it takes us to add new artists to the platform.

Create digital artwork

Artists create digital artwork that they can then tokenise via KnownOrigin. All artwork files are held on IPFS (a distributed storage solution), these assets are given unique identifiers which can then be tracked for chain-of-custody and provenance.

Upload artwork file to the gallery

The artist always controls the number of copies that exist creating scarcity. Once all the assets have been sold no more will ever be created. All digital artwork can be traced transparently using blockchain technology and anyone can view the transaction history.

Sell rare digital art to a new wave of art collector

Collectors can buy and sell artworks tokenised as NFTs (non-fungible tokens) minted via the KnownOrigin smart contract. We are a commission based platform and this is programmed in to the smart contract, so no middlemen are required, artists will immediately receive commission for their hard work and effort.

Showcase and sell digital artwork

Our smart contract handles all the commission directly on the blockchain. You will get paid directly to your cryptocurrency wallet.

"Empowering artists and art collectors to create and own rare assets on the most respected Ethereum digital marketplace"

Full royalties and fee breakdown

The first sale of a KnownOrigin artwork, 85% goes to the Artist, 15% goes to commission fee.

For a secondary sale (and all sales made after the first sale) 87% goes to the Seller, 10% goes to the Artist and finally 3% goes to commission fee.

We will be watching closely and assessing feedback and usage of the fledgling KO secondary market over the coming months. The birth of the Secondary marketplace *Royalties and re-sales — a step in the right direction

Why we use blockchain

Smart and transparent

KnownOrigin is a platform allowing artists to submit limited-edition digital artwork that is backed by blockchain technology. The combination of smart contracts and ERC721 (non-fungible token) compliance adds a level of transparency and security that has never been seen before.

Proving ownership of digital art

Using blockchain technology, any digital artwork can be permanently embedded into a blockchain providing an immutable, trustworthy and reliable source of ownership. Each piece is unique with the full chain-of-custody history being able to be viewed by anyone online.

Providing provenance

Using the power of the Ethereum smart contracts we provide a trusted and secure way to ensure provenance and chain-of-custody is permanently maintained for digital art which is sold on KnownOrigin

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