Creating collections

We believe that collections are a great way for artists to present the work they produce as a curated selection on KnownOrigin. Collections and series are not new in the art world, but in this emerging digital space having sharable collections that are curated by artists feels like a vital tool for the community.

The collection

This new feature allows artists to curate, manage and share collections from their portfolio of work. Creating collections based on similar artworks or through a visual theme (e.g. the colour, material, techniques, themes or function of the items that are related) can be described as ‘belonging to the same family’ and is a powerful way to showcase work. Great artworks can impress on their own merit, but when carefully curated can lead to a product greater the sum of their parts.

How it works

Any artists can now curate a collection via their profile page

Start by giving your collection a name and description

Select the artwork that you wish to add to your collection. You can have up-to 36 artworks in any collection, however you can not have the same artwork in multiple collections

This first artwork you select will be the cover image that appears at the top of the page. Once you are happy with your selections you can make the collection public or private


Artists can remove and add additional artworks to their collection via the Edit button.

If an artist wishes to delete, they can simply access this feature via the 3 Dots. Do not worry this will not delete your artworks it will only delete the collection.


Artists can now share a full collection on Instagram, Twitter or as a link via the 3 dots.

This link will allow people to view the full collection on a dedicated page.

We have launched the KnownOrigin Collections feature with the intention to increase functionality over time based on the feedback from our community. We will continually look to improve this feature alongside the wider features on the platform.

Please feel free to explore your favourite artists collections and share any feedback on our Discord channel.