Bridging the communications gap with bids

For a long time we have wanted to start the process of enabling useful communications between collectors and creators on KnownOrigin.

This week we released our new ‘counter offers’ feature, a move that sees us dive head-first into the waters of buyer / seller communications.

From now on, when potential buyers ‘place a bid’ on an artwork that you own or an artwork you have created, you can now send them a ‘counter offer’ via their profile.

This feature is only available once a ‘bid’ or a ‘minimum bid’ has been met. The owner of the artwork can send a short message along with a counter offer.

The bidder will receive an email that outlines the counter offer and displays the accompanying message sent by the owner.

Although this is a small and simple step, we believe it holds great potential in growing collector & creator relationships. This communication flow is a key and currently missing part of the ecosystem, a problem directly addressed by the introduction of counter offers.

We have been exploring new ways to move KnownOrigin beyond purely a platform for transactional relationships - we firmly believe that art can enrich lives and build deeper relationships between buyers and sellers over time.

In order to understand this better, we need to start experimenting with communication triggers, formats and mediums which start this relationship.

The theory is simple

• Communication is core to the digital realm

• Deeper relationships are built through meaningful interactions

• Start small and test the appetite of such a feature before scaling this into fully fledged two-way communication

• Use the action of placing a bid on an piece of work as the trigger for further dialogue

• This solution responds to the community asking for more ways to engage with bidders

• Understand if any safeguarding measures are required

Community feedback

Finally, a piece of feedback from our community gave us the insight we needed to build and deploy a feature that not only allows our users to reject a bid, but also to start a wider conversation with a potential buyer. This is super exciting!

The challenge

Some creators receive bids which are slightly lower than they want to accept their artwork, but not a million miles away.

With the release of this new feature KnownOrigin creators can now send a simple counter offer with a short message. This makes the bidder aware of the situation and even allows them to make a further bid.

This feature can also be used as a polite way to reject a bid by sending a “thanks-but-no-thanks" message..

How to use the feature?

Log in to your KnownOrigin profile and visit your offers tab. If you have an open bid you can now send a counter offer via the new button on the ‘Offers’ page.

Once you have sent a counter offer the button will turn green. This indicates that a counter offer has been sent to the bidder.

The bidder will receive an email and will also be able to place a new bid, withdraw or simply sit tight.

Our new counter offers feature is our first foray into the world of direct, on-platform communications. We are keen to bridge the gap between collectors and creators and help build long lasting relationships for the community - this platform update aims to do just that.