Adobe Announces Collab with NFT Marketplace KnownOrigin

Today, Adobe made an exciting announcement:

KnownOrigin will be joining forces with Adobe and Content Authenticity Initiative to empower creatives and their fans through a new open-source initiative. The big announcement of the public beta of Content Credentials was during the Adobe MAX 2021 conference. Adobe has a new way to provide and assess digital content provenance and attribution (starting with images) across some of its leading creative tools like Photoshop.

Read the official announcement from Adobe and learn more about Content Authenticity Initiative (CAI)

What is CAI?

The Content Authenticity Initiative (CAI) is focused on cross-industry participation with an open, extensible approach for providing media transparency.

The CAI was announced by Adobe in 2019 in partnership with Twitter and the New York Times – and has now grown to more than 375 members including KnownOrigin. The initiative is made up of hundreds of companies representing creators, technologists, journalists, activists and others who seek to address misinformation and content authenticity at scale.

With the continued emergence of blockchain tech and NFTs, more and more creators are looking for ways to build a community and monetise their craft. Courtesy of this new partnership, Adobe users will have the ability using Content Credentials to mint the artwork that they create via Photoshop directly to their KnownOrigin profile.

What is crucial to KnownOrigin's adoption of CAI is the fact that it is an open and standard way for content creators to provide additional provenance information.

Along with the CAI, the Coalition for Content Provenance and Authenticity C2PA is a mutually governed standards development organization (SDO) under the structure of the Linux Foundation’s Joint Development Foundation. Read more about these organisations here.

How does this work?

Adobe users will have the ability to ‘Export’ and ‘Prepare’ their artwork as NFT (non-fungible tokens) directly from Photoshop from launch with the integration of this feature across more apps planned over time.

The integration will match the wallet address of the Adobe creator with the wallet address of their KnownOrigin creator account. The integration will allow a collector to see if the wallet address of the Adobe creator matches the wallet address of their KnownOrigin creator account, giving them more confidence in the authenticity of the art.

This new feature will also display valuable metadata from the ‘Proof of creation’ such as ‘signed by’ information, the date and time the asset was created and what Adobe software this was produced with as seen in the sample below.

We firmly believe that provenance is a critical factor in this new digital art movement. As such, we are confident that the introduction of the CAI can provide a unique ‘Proof of creation’ foundation for Adobe creators, across the creative industries.

In the words of KnownOrigin CEO, David Moore

“It is of paramount importance that collectors have confidence that artworks on KnownOrigin are created by verified artists. The CAI is another smart way of building confidence with our collector base in addition to the due diligence protocols already in place at KnownOrigin”.

Our mission is to build one of the most inclusive and diverse communities in the NFT space and we believe that strategic partners that have shared principles are a great way to bring more people into the space. We have partnered with Adobe and the CAI because we are focused on finding partnerships that we think will benefit the wider NFT community and will add value to the growing digital art movement.

We have been working with a dedicated development team at Adobe who share our vision for true ownership, open source access and progressive decentralisation for the creative industries. We are excited to see how this partnership evolves over time and are keen to explore further open source initiatives with CAI and Adobe moving forward.