Create, manage and share your collections - become the curator

Following an explosion of interest in NFTs and digital art, many collectors now have dozens of different artworks on KnownOrigin.

Whilst these artworks can be discovered on an account holder’s profile page, manually scrolling through all the individual pieces can hinder the ability to freely find, share, explore and enjoy the art.

These artworks can be discovered on the account profile page, however it can be a little overwhelming to find, explore and enjoy the artworks when you have to manually scroll through all the pieces.

Although it has been amazing to see the private collections of prominent collectors grow over time, there has been no simple way to organise their collections - until now!

We have been working hard to incorporate the ‘create collection feature’ for our collectors following a successful trial with our artists.

This feature was first rolled out in late 2020 to all our creators on KnownOrigin and we saw 1000s of collections curated by our community . Here are just a few amazing examples.

We received lots of feedback and insights from our community about this feature, but especially from our collectors who also expressed a need to have the ability to manage their collection on KnownOrigin.

Collectors can now create bespoke collections of the artworks they own and also have the ability to share these collections via social media. Additionally, they are also able to hide any artworks that they wish to make private.

We have utilised the design from the artists trial but with the inclusion of a key UX improvement: ‘pin to top’. This feature allows users to choose which collection has the top spot on their profile. This gives the user the option to order the collection on their profile page, this can be updated and changed at any time.

To create a collection , simply log in to your profile and hit the ‘Create Collection’ button. You can now give the collection a title, description and select the artworks you wish to group.

Once you have made your choices you can decide on how many to display on your profile page and if this collection will be private or public.

Saving this collection will display it on your profile and create a dedicated collections page! You are now your own curator. Finally you can add and remove artworks by tapping the ‘Edit’ button. This gives you full control of your collection and allows you to update it over time as the collection grows.

We are looking forward to seeing how creative our collectors get with the feature, please feel free to utilise the share feature and show off your collections.