Buy NFTs with credit and debit cards on KnownOrigin

New payment option

This week we launched ‘Pay with Card’ and ‘Add funds’ allowing you to purchase the artwork you love via credit or debit cards on KnownOrigin.

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You can now buy artwork using your credit or debit card or top up via your profile

We are passionate about bringing new and exciting collectors and creators into the digital and NFT space, many of existing users have never experienced crypto before and this is also true for creators existing fan base and communities.

This new feature payment option will open up KnownOrigin to a brand-new audience and customer base and help drive wider adoption of the CryptoArt and NFT space.

We are keen to get the balance between convenience, security, KYC, fees and user experience right for knownOrigin as we see that paying with card as an integral part of the platform as we grow and expand the overall offering.

There are lots of 3rd party payment providers offering this service, and many will claim the same benefits, but after further investigation and due diligence we found that is the best fit for KnownOrigin.

The killer feature is the ability to buy NFTs directly with your card in a single transaction!

Buying with your card

This feature allows you to buy CryptoArt directly in a single card purchase, and the NFT will land directly in your wallet.

  1. Login to your KnownOrigin profile
  2. Discover an artwork that you love
  3. Click on the ‘Buy with card’ button

Once you are ready, hit continue and start the purchase flow.

Wert will require the following standard details • Card number • Expiry month and year • CVV • Name on card

You may have to complete additional one-time KYC/AML verification steps as part of the process on your first purchase. This only takes a few short minutes to get verified.

Enter your details and click continue, this will trigger the purchase! You will be presented with a pending screen as the purchase is processed.

Once the purchase is complete you will receive the artwork (NFT) directly to your wallet. You can also send a receipt to your email for your records as part of this flow.

Finally, to view your newly purchased artwork you can simply close the modal and head to your profile.

Add funds with card

In addition to pay with card we have also provided the ability to ‘add funds’ to your digital wallet via your KnownOrigin profile.

  1. Login and visit your KnownOrigin profile
  2. Click on the ‘Add funds’ button
  3. Top-up your account from your card

This feature allows you to top-up your Ethereum address directly from KnownOrigin using your credit/debit card.

To add funds to your wallet you will need to first login to your KnownOrigin profile and click on the ‘Add funds’ button. This will launch the Wert top-up!

Enter the amount of ETH you wish to purchase, we have a default of 0.1 ETH for this flow, however you can change this to suit your requirements.

Before you click ‘confirm and pay’ you will need to enter your CVV/CVC 3-digit number.

If you have not already completed one-time KYC/AML you will be required to do this. This process only takes a few minutes to get verified.

Once your order has been submitted you will see a pending message, this will remain for a few minutes until the transaction has completed.

Also don't forget to send yourself an email receipt for your records.

After this completed your wallet will be top-up with ETH and you are ready to collect those masterpieces.

We have seen the CryptoArt and NFTs grow at an incredible rate over the past 12 months with thousands of new creators entering the space. Many of these creators have massive audiences, fan bases & followers that now have the opportunity to own digital artworks using this new feature.

We are very excited to see how we can bridge the gap between blockchain technology and the broader creative industry.

We expect to see more partnerships with brands, media agencies, project teams & galleries moving in to the space and the release of this feature will help accelerate these initiatives.

Stay tuned for more platform & partnership updates.

More detailed documentation can be found here