A step toward sustainability

Over the past couple of months CryptoArt has come under scrutiny due to its impact on the planet, and the carbon emissions emitted from the production of NFTs.

We believe that it is the shared responsibility of the Ethereum community to address these issues and to create positive change. We have recently published CryptoArt and the environmental dilemma that highlights the challenges we face, but more importantly showcases the steps that KnownOrigin will be taking to tackle these challenges as a platform and a company.

Today we are excited to launch a new feature that will empower our artists, collectors and the KnownOrigin team to safely and directly support charities which align with our sustainability road map.

The feature allows all users with a KnownOrigin profile to donate to one of three selected charitable causes.

GreenNFT Grants

The GreenNFT Bounty For More Ecologically Friendly NFTs, initiated from Artnome, Jason Bailey.


Standing up to the fossil fuel industry to stop all new coal, oil and gas projects and build a clean energy future for all.


GiveDirectly is the leading global NGO specialized in delivering digital cash transfers.

We hope this new feature of KnownOrigin's will help empower KO users to directly support charities which align with our community and which support donations in Ethereum. KnownOrigin does not take or handle any of the funds, we only provide the tools.

We also plan on rotating these charities every 3-6 months, guided by the community. If you want to add/change or remove any, please join Discord and let us know.

Follow the instructions below to do this.

Donate via your KnownOrigin Profile

  • Login to your profile
  • Once logged in you will see Donate to charity button below your profile avatar, click this
  • Select the cause you want to contribute to.

Claiming your Contributor Badge

  • Once you have completed your donation enter the Etherscan Transaction URL or Hash of your donation
  • Once registered you will now have a new contributor badge on your profile

If you would like to see what else we are working to reduce the carbon emissions and to continue to make KnownOrigin a more sustainable platform please read our CryptoArt and the environmental dilemma article