verticalcrypto • Guest Editor

Our guest editor will shine a spotlight on artists and artworks from across the platform.

Hi! My name is Micol, creator behind Vertical CryptoArt. I have documented the space and its been a rollercoaster ride into the beautiful world of crypto art.

Featured artwork

A sensational piece looking into the inner beauty of oneself. The brush strokes of bright colours combined with the fine detailed clouds in the background give a sense of three dimension. A feeling of nostalgia mixed with hope and relaxation through the eyes of the Japanese character with long thin hair.

Reflecting on what is happening in front of your screen and looking at the city from the inside. A reflection of oneself especially through this time where we are locked in our houses but at the same time living so extensively in front of our screens.

The light pastel colours give a sense of openness, serenity even if the figure is eternally in loop depicting the circle of life. We explore to escape but we end up finding ourselves exactly where we started from.

The composition of this piece with fine lines, abstract shapes and colours is captivating. It is an intersection between art, architectural shapes and technology. The artist manages to create a sense of composed messiness with this piece which includes various different shapes yet seems so neat.

A playful illustration from the UK artist who depicts Ryu. The unique style of the artist with thick lines to show the outlines of the character juxtaposed to overlayed text and colours gives a comic like feeling to the piece and makes it feel alive.

An animated explosion of colourful life depicting the Jam Factory. The smoothness of the piece makes it feel soft to the eye yet playful and funny.

We would like to thank verticalcrypto for giving up their time to collaborate on this with us. Article by @verticalcrypto.