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Featured artwork

This is one of my favorite all time japanimation movies. I love the amount of attention spent creating each small rock and the storyline which begs the question of what one would do if given supernatural powers. A timeless classic whose animation and graphics still shine even decades later.

Watching first step reminded me of playing a really cool video. It’s like gta 6 mixed with iconic works of art from the maven himself, beeple. Video games , iconic imagery and the smooth movement of the character against a dark industrial backdrop made this a must have piece for me.

We first began accumulating bitcoin in 2017 back when everyone including banks told us we’d lose all of our money. Bitcoin is for the crazy ones, who now are becoming the new rich. This piece ‘To the moon’ reminds me of that epic journey of redemption.

Ganoodle is so easy on the eyes. I love how soft the colors are, and how the artist layered them. This is one of a few pieces in the collection featuring this character. I believe it’s going to continue to do well because it’s unique and brings about a warm feeling.

Birds is actually a heavy piece to me. When I look at it, I’m reminded how we are all self imprisoned due to our own thoughts and view of how we perceive the world to be. Like a bird, we all desire increased freedom. Will we remain in our cage or find a way out?

Temporary fairy - two major currents in life to me are spirit and matter. Inner world and outer world. Having both themes represented in this piece reminded me of life here on earth. In one world we have the ability to affect change, technology bends to our will. This is the ‘nurture’ theory. But in the other world we tend to feel we don’t have control, and are at the mercy of that which we cannot touch. A deeply contrary juxtaposition.

We would like to thank NFTgirl for giving up their time to collaborate on this with us. Article by @NFTgirl.