NfTdeals • Guest Editor

Our guest editor will shine a spotlight on artists and artworks from across the platform.

I'm Alex from NfTdeals, for the last six years I've been involved in running video game photography communities, supporting VP's and helping them build their social pages, so when I first heard of NFT tech for gaming and the many ways it can enrich the average gamers life I was hooked, that's what originally led me down the rabbit hole we've all fell into, and led me to the potential it could also bring to artists.

My main goal is to extend my knowledge of community support to the overall crypto art community in the best way I can, that includes sharing sales & news direct from the artist/ art platforms or posting a piece from the secondary market that I feel still has a good ROI for the collector, with 265 referrals to date and most of those going on to sell for more, I think I've got a good eye for that bargain. All the artists I'm sharing today not only have great credentials but their work also speaks to the 90's scifi nerd inside me.

Featured artwork

Kozachok uses vibrant colours that really catch the eye, the pieces usually hold quite a powerful message within them. Never asking much for their work and with a healthy secondary market makes these works always worth the buy. To me this piece represents the party culture that came from the early internet boom.

GriffCrypto' background works are Licensed Publishings, he's done some really amazing alternate movie artworks like Dune, Alien, Back To The Future and many more but I really enjoy seeing his own creations now in the NFT art scene, this piece Apogeic is in his own words a view into his mind, what a place to be. Early 90's video cassette feeling anyone?

Signalnoise is the guy who famously used up all the pink and gave birth to the iconic synthwave rising sun, I first encountered his work through the Ubisoft game "FarCry Blood Dragon", he's worked with so many great companies and musicians there's just too many to list. Keep an eye on his upcoming project "NUKES". I love this piece because it reminds me of the best movie of all time "2001 A Space Odyssey"

GenuineHumanArt is an extremely talented pixel artist who's done some incredible animations for the synthwave scene, it's refreshing to see this style of cyberpunk dystopian works in the community. I feel this piece shows as we get more technically advanced, it becomes scarier to connect with people, but we can, if we choose too.

SkinnerCreative's digital sculptors are really something else, pure scifi fantasy creations that everyone can relate to in some way or another. with all pieces sold out, you have to be quick to snap these up. Being a big anime fan, this piece that is inspired by my 2nd favourite manga "Ghost In The Shell" was always going to go down well with me.

Jamfactory is a director and designer for Aardman, a beloved studio here in the UK most famous for their Wallace & Gromit creations, he has done many digital works, most with fun for kids in mind. All his creations on KO are vibrant and full of energy, this specific piece reminds me of something I would of saw on MTV before my journey to school.

We would like to thank NfTdeals for giving up their time to collaborate on this with us. Follow @NfTdeals for their updates and insights.