Mark Date • Guest Editor

Our guest editor will shine a spotlight on artists and artworks from across the platform.

Mark Date is co-founder of We lovingly co-produce digital collectibles with the world’s finest urban artists, becoming their primary on-ramp into the crypto art space.

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I’ve been a collector on KnownOrigin since 2018, drawn to its vibrant artists and thriving community.

KnownOrigin was an early proponent of multiple editions, an important feature for artists to grow their collector base, and for collectors to support as many artists as possible.

It has been inspiring to watch the KnownOrigin platform grow into arguably the best place to find and support Crypto artists. Here are my current top 6 picks.

Featured artwork

OK, call me a glory hunter,  but I’ve admired xcopy’s work the moment I first discovered this crypto art thing way back when. His style is unique -  easily identified by the forbidding neon, thick, scratchy brush strokes and manic animation. Terror is a great example of his work.

Playing Yang to Xcopy’s Ying, Stinas breezy art works involve clean lines, warm colours and characters that you just want to take home and meet mum. Her Ganoodle series is a great example of her craft. GAN generated art is mostly terrifying  - but Stina works her magic and manages to create some of the most adorable adversarial creations I’ve ever seen.

A former work-space buddy at Bristol VR Lab,  Its been exciting to watch Hazimus embark on a digital journey in search of his muse. And he seems to have found it  - in himself,  As I turn to face you I turn to dust is an incredibly brave and revealing self portrait.

In his latest works, Vegas based Frankynines provocatively bottles the spice of his native Sin City surroundings. Panther poison draws me on a nostalgic trip back to an era of balmy nights, psychedelic sights ...and recovery days in bed.

I’ve been a longtime fan of Mattia’s digi/physi collages. Her works radiate an organic feel sometimes lacking in this digital space. Strange Shores a digitised rubber stamp, ink and paper creation is one of my favourites.

Blending graffiti, fashion and social commentary (along with a good measure of sass) - Miss Al Simpsons work caught my eye immediately. Mask Manifesto is a topical take on our current predicament, delivered in her own chic style.

We would like to thank Mark Date for giving up their time to collaborate on this with us. Follow @Rendar_org for their updates and insights.