KnownOrigin Discord Picks • Guest Editor

Our guest editor will shine a spotlight on artists and artworks from across the platform.

We asked the KnownOrigin Discord community to pick and highlight their favourite artwork that inspires them. July picks.

Thanks to the artists on Discord (we credit them with their Discord handles) who picked out these editions: PromETHeusX, bard ionson, NotoriousGangOfOne, KBO Metaverse, defiantsquid, and HeyHazmus

Featured artwork

When i first came across the movie Heavy Metal i knew that the style will affect me forever. That same feeling but way more fresh i got when i first saw this beautiful Artwork by the very talented Lawrence Lee.

The aesthetic and the overall feeling i get from this sci fi composition is very hard to explain, would be better to illustrate that feeling......oh wait it's here have a look: Bitcoin Babes from Outer Space

Chosen by PromETHeusX

Reminiscent of Jasper John's Flags this photonic light show pulls for the hope of the future. The lines move one's eye across the space as the light mixes into the many colors and cross purposes of America. The moiré effect, color mixing and motion seem to show the nature of our people and how progress is never a straight line.

Chosen by bard ionson

I am fascinated by the VR work of Giant Swan. This one seems to be a bit of an outlier for him, but I see that it is part of the "Vivid Wilds Series" and was fully created in virtual reality at a 1:1 scale. Everything is fluidly organic, reflecting his movements during his highly active creation process, but nevertheless very precise. Amazing. Enchanting. He is busy creating his own genre.

Chosen by NotoriousGangOfOne

The work of Hans uniquely brings into focus the contrast between the digital era and the old world, that still exists but is hard to find and remote.

Chosen by KBO Metaverse

Aside from the raw and slightly splotchy nature of the pen and ink lines, I love that they were confident enough to leave the colour fill with some of the very subtle pixel artefacts that I'm sure many of us know and hate. I can't tell you the time I might've wasted making sure each edge was clean or properly anti-aliased... and these pieces make it entirely acceptable (at least for me) to not stress about it any more! Not to mention, Geko's angry face is just fantastic.

Chosen by defiantsquid

I love the scale and detail and the simple colours, very natural feeling but mathematical too, it's a satisfying dichotomy, a sphere made of lines

Chosen by HeyHazmus

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