Jamie Anson • Guest Editor

Our guest editor will shine a spotlight on artists and artworks from across the platform.

Founder of Nifty Orchard app and Ethereum London meetup organiser.

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Featured artwork

Carla is one of the great original thinkers of the NFT space. TINY HOTEL collection is an example of her using her art to showcase the contrasting spaces we inhabit in the world. In this piece, the trees in this TINY HOTEL lead my pondering to how big would I be in this space. Which, in turn, leads to the question, “how big am I in the real world with this new perspective?” Carla’s brilliant reframing of life’s perspective helps me keep my head out of my arse and look for the wider world.

“Build in public” is something I take to heart with my projects as you never realise how much you can learn along the way. I salute Hey Hazmus’s bravery in putting out this seemingly incomplete piece into the world. PROCESS UNEXPECTED creates tension caused by the spiky texture, shallow depth of field, and in being not quite sure if it’s a horror mask. If it’s a horror mask, I want to run away, but I’m not sure, so my curiosity has me getting closer to it. I love that Hey Hazmus has caused that contradiction in me. Hey Hazmus has excellent skills, but it’s his incredible instinct that makes him an outlier above his peers.

You know that feeling you get when you look over a ledge at a height, and you get scared… I have that same feeling looking at these 360 pieces. THE CHAPEL’S NEW PORTAL is the first 360 piece I’d ever seen, and I’m intimidated by it. The mind-boggling tech and beautiful image pull me into the sphere. My head for details keeps me locked in. The depth in the image keeps me going forever deeper. I’m scared I could get so lost in it I somehow fall into Natural Warp’s version of Tron. Once I get some land in the metaverse, one of these 360 pieces is going in!

Being British, naughty things make me giggle on the inside. It’s great fun to be brought back to my teenage self and giggle with these soft-body simulations. Myshili uses the collection feature in KO, so there are 3 more pieces (BDSIM 01 - 04) within this collection. Full disclosure, I bought the whole collection. I wanted to find out if the entire collection would have more value than the pieces individually. This is said to be true in the traditional art world but would this still be true in NFT land? Results of conversations I have had about it show people appreciate having access to the entire conversation the artist is having with the viewer. So I’ll conclude and say one piece is joyful, the whole collection is insightful.

Moxarra’s work takes all the nostalgic things of our youth and remixes them with NFT themes. He’s so good at it, his pieces become instant icons for the community. NFTevil has its place in the NFT community’s heart as it ended the traditional art world’s first attack at NFT artists. It worked because it’s hard to argue with a piece of art that’s correct and pulls on your nostalgia strings. Moxarra is a hero and will never be forgotten.

I’m taken by the aching ambition in this piece by Mroyicii. She seems longing for a better world, but as you can see by the dominance of pink in the image, a better world feels beyond reach. “If you can dream it, you can do it”, goes the cheesy saying. I believe with Mroyicii submitting her vision to us, we have the opportunity to literally buy into it and help bring the better world a step closer.

We would like to thank Jamie Anson for giving up their time to collaborate on this with us. Article by @future_tunking.