Hulki Okan Tabak • Guest Editor

Our guest editor will shine a spotlight on artists and artworks from across the platform.

I'm a career investor who has worked for private equity and venture capital funds. Last couple of years, I'm freelancing as an advisor specifically focusing on the tech sector. On a separate note, I've been an semi-amateur photographer since high school. I'm keenly interested in the blockchain and cryptocurrency space. I believe there are tremendous social, business and artistic potential to come from new forms of business in conjunction with blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies.

Featured artwork

Unrealcity is prolific, intelligent and has a political outlook on things as well as artistic flexibility and charm. Sea Dragon is imple but charming to look at. His creations are fairly valued and there is a lot of upside potential in collecting his work.

Voke as I've written of him is a bridge between experiential and experimental. A deep thoughtful person with a lot of hard work and attention to art. This is a moving piece of art touching on aesthetics as well as social dynamics of Nigerian culture. Voke's face painting choice is beautifully rendered here. On a separate note, Voke's pieces are a tad bit more expensive to collect now. The good thing is there is still time to collect before they get even more so (and at which point he should reduce supply a bit).

Oscar is an intelligent artist who can read the market adapt his style. This form has been popular but switch back to his different styles, he's as distinctive and moving there as well. This particular piece is both the current CIVIT style with a viscious penchant for eroticism but also a political statement about our lives. CIVIT is a bit more expensive than before but holds great potential for future appreciation.

Javier's GIFs move me by their beautiful simplicity even when they are intricate. He successfully introduces complexity gradually. This piece was one of the first to catch my eye when I checked KnownOrigin in detail. With different types of buyers coming in to the market, I believe some of his work will hold a great appeal with them.

It is beyond my art grade to comment on Lawrence Lee. Yet he is still on top of things visceral and intelligent at the same time. This piece is morbid, disturbing and to the very heart of the point. Lawrence's art is not inexpensive to acquire and this one while fairly valued is a 5 edition piece. For the deeper pocketed collector, I'd suggest single editions as well.

Glitch in the Matrix makes use of black, animation and neon in subtle ways. Getting better known recently and with a style that is showing consistencies without failing to try something new. This piece is an age old theme made appealing by the visual style choice. Prices for GitM work are creeping up and depending on how future works rollout, there is a good collection case here as well.

We would like to thank Hulki Okan Tabak for giving up their time to collaborate on this with us. Article by @hotabak.