Cao Yin • Guest Editor

Our guest editor will shine a spotlight on artists and artworks from across the platform.

I live in Shanghai now. As the Managing Director of the Digital Renaissance Foundation, my business is crypto VC investment and advisory, especially in DeFi sector, I am the first DeFi VC investor in China since 2017.

My team members are based in both Finland and China. Before joining in the crypto world, I had worked as a financial analyst for many years in Shanghai and Beijing.

I write columns frequently, have published several books in Chinese. My collection of CryptoArt is mainly out of my love for art. Before the Pandemic, I travelled a lot between China and Europe, Berlin is my favorite city because of the great digital art community there.

After the virus broke out, it was impossible to visit as before, so I turned to CryptoArt online, hoping to reconcile rational DeFi and emotional cryptoart like Yin and Yang.

Featured artwork

Gala Mirissa is a motion graphic artist based in Barcelona/Reus. She loves to combine the Photography and Art with motion graphics and thus create something that looks alive, great but also unique.

/ WHY HAVE THERE BEEN NO GREAT ARTISTS WOMEN / questions us the missing place of women artists in the art history.

Everything we studied about Art has been created by men, from sculpture to painting, architecture, illustration, drawing, engraving.

From the beginning of artistic creation of homo sapien, women have always been deemed as a beloved figures in artworks and inspirational muses for male artists, women are just adorable objects, not equal creators.

There is a silenced speech in which we have located the women artists, excluding them from the officer through different mechanisms that have made it impossible for them to access the different formations necessary to be able to develop as artists on equal terms.

Sarah Zucker is a multidisciplinary artist and writer based in Los Angeles. Her work merges the gorgeous and grotesque through humor, psychedelia and the interplay of cutting edge + obsolete technologies. She runs YoMeryl, an Art + Animation Studio, with her partner Bronwyn Lundberg and Fancy Nothing, a curatorial project and Art Apparel line. She is a Jeopardy! Champion.

Sarah is one of my favorite feminist artists. Her works are full of humor and drama.

"Portrait of the Artist in Digital Decay" is Sarah's self portrait taken in the East Village. Stereoscopic effect created with Facebook 3D photo, "painted" with neural imaging, then digitally pixelsorted. This is a signature work of Sarah, gorgeous and sparkly, extra, ostentatious and spectacular in defiance of their lowly incarnation.

Vyankka is a Davao-based young visual artist who mainly works with traditional media. She took Bachelor of Fine Arts major in painting at the University of Mindanao from 2013-2017.

"Us" is inspired by Gustav Klimt's "The Kiss" and based on her work "Unfinished Soul" back in 2016, which was left unfinished.

Flowers are often seen in her works as they are symbols of growth, potential, and vulnerability, which is also the symbol of woman. Vyankka wanted to create a digital version that reflects herself as who she is now. Through Vyankka's works, she always makes sure the emotions are felt by the viewers. The high contrast, vivid colors, striking brush strokes, bold lines, and strong narrative all work together to convey the emotions she as a woman want the viewers to feel.

Paola Castillo is a minimal design artist in New Jersey. Her works are inspired by fashion and the beautiful people all around the world. Similar to Gala Mirissa, Paola also combines her artworks with the photography.

In "Seeing Me", Paola looks at herself in a piece of broken mirror like a stranger, trying to figure out who she really is. As a young black female artist living in United States, Paola is facing multiple challenges ahead of her artistic career which even are very difficult for other people just to think about.

Her works are like the broken mirror but with temperature reflecting her feeling and life, you can feel the subtle and delicate emotions through her works, sad, depressed, restrained, but she has not given up, artistic creation has lifted her to a place of peace, comfort and freedom.

"Miss Simpson creates arcane iconography to redeem your soul from a recidivist consumer culture" - C.C. O'Hanlon

Anna Louise Simpson is a digital artist with a love of black ink and collage. Anna Louise grew up watching vintage movies and drawing from fashion magazines and books.

"L.A. sunset glows against the old muscle car. The L.A. Girls rule this part of town with their disintegrating beauty, always balanced delicately on the edge. Neon stiletto teases the beer can on the ground which in this hazy glow sparkles like diamonds. They are owned by no-one and their freedom is carried firmly in their beatnik sneers and dark red lips. They learnt a long time ago to trust no-one and to love only this wild urban landscape."

Miss Simpson's words are as attractive as her paintings. With music, her words will become folk songs of gentle whispers, telling tales of honesty and broken reality, just like Allan Taylor's song.

Miss Simpson is exploring the rips of popular culture and society's vulnerability. producing images of consumerism's fragility. Women figures in her works uphold the Pop art tradition of objectification, they are young, sexy and glamorous, admiring themselves but do not see that they are just objects in the eye of the viewer, just like beer cans and muscle car in the painting.

"When the leaves fall on the floors of an empty house, I will be in you. I have chosen to disintegrate and embrace the parts that I don't see but know are there. I have accepted the lust of an abandoned body, and climbed endless stairs that lead me to caves carved into my chest. I go back to the river that I spill once a month, at least."

Solange Orfano is an Argentine artist currently residing in Spain. World traveler. Through her works she tries to reflect how labyrinthine reality can be. Combining different techniques, styles and registers, she recreate the complexity of the perspectives that surround us. The lines prevail in her works, through which she seek to play interactively with her works to unite them and create more complex structures and symbolisms.

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