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Our guest editor will shine a spotlight on artists and artworks from across the platform.

Paul Becker, chief curator & founder along with Ryan Watson, co-curator & communications director give us a glimpse into the curation process at Art Rapture.

In addition, they provide insight into several original NFTs by artists, iHeart, Ola Volo and Sean Jantzi.

These NFTs will be released exclusively through KnownOrigin on April 14, 2021 at 8:00 p.m. UTC.

Featured artwork

"Follow 4 Follow" was originally posted as a stencil mural in two locations. The first was part of iHeart's solo guerrilla exhibition "#asignofthetimes" under the Granville Street bridge circa 2015. The second was on the wall of a corner store in the vibrant community of Main Street, Vancouver. Both have since been removed. iHeart resurrects "Follow 4 Follow" as a brilliant work of art, made exclusively for NFT collectors. There are two variations. One, an animated version with audio, from an edition of only three. And the second, a still 2d work as a unique one of one collector's item. The art itself speaks volumes. No explanation required. Sit back and enjoy.

In "Still Life with Perfume" Sean Jantzi wonderfully approaches the digital canvas with passion for life, art and culture. This NFT artwork is a brilliant acknowledgment to Tom Wesslemann, one of the greatest, most subtly sensual pop artists of all time. In addition, Sean tastefully showcases "Voltaire #6" a fictitious perfume from the wonderful Wes Anderson film, "The Darjeeling Limited." As the viewer immerses themselves into the artwork, they feel a sense of euphoria, yet perhaps, guilt. A cigarette, lipstick, cocktail, sensual fruit, freshly sprayed perfume on a naked body, and, ...a wedding ring. Jantzi soaks the participant in a wave of taste, scent, joy and wonder. You want to be there, but you know you shouldn't.

Ola Volo portrays her Goddess in a relaxed, yet elegant manner, daintily holding a rose, a symbol of passion and love. Aphrodite gazes across the horizon, perhaps in search of a lost lover, or, anticipating the return of a dear companion. Roses have been used for thousands of years to convey messages without words and Ola cleverly uses this imagery to evoke thought, and communicate with her viewer. Aphrodite's history is told through the rich tapestry of her cloak. She is in touch with the land yet reigns over the Universe.

Follow 4 Follow, Still Life with Perfume & Aphrodite (blue) are all scheduled to release on April 14, 2021 at 8:00 p.m. UTC.

Happy Collecting!

We would like to thank Art Rapture for giving up their time to collaborate on this with us. Article by @art_rapture.