105collective • Guest Editor

Our guest editor will shine a spotlight on artists and artworks from across the platform.

105collective is a group of UK-based artists bringing a series of connected works and exhibitions to digital, VR, & crypto spaces.

Artists include: Sparrow, Unrealcity, UrBen, oculardelusion, and Stina Jones

Featured artwork

Chosen by Sparrow (@blackboxdotart) From Wikipedia: “Cloaca, (Latin: “sewer”), in vertebrates, common chamber and outlet into which the intestinal, urinary, and genital tracts open. It is present in amphibians, reptiles, birds, and sharks.” I am always intrigued by the titles WGMeets chooses for his artworks. Having spoken to him about this, there is always an interesting story, or subtle — or in this case, not so subtle — meaning behind them. This artwork, with its strong lines running toward the void space beyond, seems like a comment on life in general. The description: “The travel is long and tough but eventually you reach the end and then you’re set free.” makes that analogy feel all the more pressing. We’re all in a cloaca of the universe. WGMeets is a master of colour and the powerful tones of the colour chosen here show that once again.

Media: fractal/3d/abstract

Chosen by Sparrow (@blackboxdotart) Voke is an artist I first came across on Cent. Their artworks offer us very powerful statements about the lived experience of being an artist. Translating what they see and feel into images that give us a glimpse into their thoughts and into their world. The bright strong colours sing about the richness and beauty of a life lived while also commenting on how the perceptions of others forms our world. Making the relationship of the viewer of the artwork to the object of the artwork a reminder that this object — viewer relationship pervades more than just the art world.

Media: abstract/portrait/digital

Chosen by Unrealcity (@Unrealcityart) I have a point of general principle with art, which is it should either challenge something I think I know, or express something I think I know beautifully. This piece does both. I love how it both satirises and confirms the power of sexualised images.

Media: GAN/artificial intelligence/generative

Chosen by oculardelusion (@oculardelusion) This arresting piece eloquently expresses what I’ve been feeling in lockdown: there’s a sense of total isolation in limited space, forcing distorted, cramped movement. This figure looks trapped in the forgotten recesses of a massive building in a massive city. At the same time, the water gushing out of the pipe offers a lifeline — and the valve suggests the possibility of control. There’s a sense of hope and peace even in confinement. I find the composition, earthy colour palette and the subtle variation between liquid and solid textures oddly comforting. I’m also intrigued by the possible connection between the title of this piece and the band of the same name.

Media: GAN/artificial intelligence/generative

Chosen by UrBen (@UrBen) I find the rhythm soothing and feel like it is paying homage to something indigenous in a modern and digital way. It evokes a certain feeling and mood whilst being mesmerised by the patterns and motion and I find this quite calming. This piece doesn’t lose its effect on me even after watching many times, in fact I feel like I see slightly different patterns showing themselves each time. “We are all tattooed in our cradles with the beliefs of our tribe” — Oliver Wendell Holmes Jr.

Media: pattern/generative

Chosen by Stina Jones (@stina_jones) Monfa’s atmospheric illustration style always has a way of drawing me in. The delicate crystal formation, contrasted by a harsh surrounding landscape, could tell a number of stories. The artist offers his own interpretation in the description, then invites you to do the same and form your own connection by asking “… maybe you have another story to tell me.”

Media: illustration/polygon/abstract

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