Brighter Days • 🔥 Featured Drop

Psychedelic artist Sander Jansen (from the Netherlands) and music producer Rob Vector (from the United States) have collaborated on an NFT, creating a mixed artwork with music and visuals.

The music

This song was initially produced on the heels of the great dubstep wave in the early 2010s, running utterly contrary to the popular sentiment in electronic music at that time.

I felt a very strong pull toward more classic sounds, so I made a point to fuse rock drums, guitar, and most importantly bass guitar, into a predominantly electronic package. Tapping into positive forces the best I could, my intent was to create an uplifting feeling that could be communicated without words. After remixing/remastering the track in late 2020 and reflecting on the pain and hardships we have all undoubtedly experienced in recent times, I’ve made a bold decision and dared to hope again.

Hope for love, for health, for peace, and for fellowship as we emerge from this darkness with a newfound wisdom. Despite my reluctance to hope, for fear of disappointment, I would rather muster up the courage to push through the fear and reclaim that positivity I discovered all those years ago. I hope this tune finds you well and that you might shift your gaze along with me toward Brighter Days.

The visuals

When Rob asked me to do the visuals for his music, I got all excited. After listening, I could visualize how an animation could flow with the music. When we decided to work with the song “Brighter Days,” I could see a shining happy sun that would emit all kinds of positivity and warmth.

The sun consists of creatures that reflect different emotions and feelings, coming out of the dark to shine with hope and positivity and together embracing the Brighter Days that are coming.

Fun and hopeful vibes with happiness on the horizon!