Why KnownOrigin is the Best Place to Build Your NFT Career

Whether you’re an NFT artist looking for a platform that can advance your career, or you come from a more traditional art background and are now looking to explore the booming NFT scene, we’re confident KnownOrigin is the best place to build your career as an NFT artist.

At KnownOrigin, we pride ourselves on providing an NFT marketplace that puts creators first. We are constantly working alongside our community of KnownOrigin artists to provide a platform that has everything you need to succeed in the digital art world.

Cost-efficient smart contracts

Not only are our smart contracts compatible with credit cards, we're proud to have developed one of the most gas-efficient smart contracts available. Making it even easier (and cheaper!) to become a successful digital artist.

If you’re new to the NFT space, smart contracts aren’t too dissimilar from regular contracts in the physical world. However, smart contracts run automatically when a predetermined condition is met.

This means that when a collector purchases a piece of your work, ownership will automatically be transferred to the buyer at the same time payment is transferred to your crypto wallet.

There’s no trust placed in third parties, no waiting around, and no risk of not receiving payment.

Simply focus on doing what you love and let our smart contracts take care of everything else.

Creator-focused royalty standards

Our innovative royalty standards allow you to keep earning from sales of your art for years to come.

With KnownOrigin, you can split royalties between 1 to 5 collaborators in the following ways: Atypical, decaying, upgradeable, stepped, governed:

See how our EIP-2981 compliant smart contracts were designed with artists in mind.

Cutting-edge artist tools

Our artist tools make it super easy to make your artwork more web3 friendly, but don’t worry you won’t need to be a senior developer to use them.


If you’re wanting to add utility and value to your art, you’ll probably be using our Composable NFTs.

Composable NFTs allow KnownOrigin artists to embed other digital assets inside of their artwork.

For example, Brendan Dawes’ The Composable included 100 $WHALE tokens inside of the NFT. This made the artwork far more valuable than if it had been sold alone.

Maybe you’ll launch your own social token to hide inside of your artwork!

Step Sales

If you’re an artist that creates multi-edition artwork rather than 1 of 1s, Step Sales will make the process of selling your collection a breeze.

Our innovative pricing mechanic allows you to set a base price as well as a step increment. Every time a piece of your art is purchased, the price of the next edition increases by the step increment.

For example, you launch a collection consisting of 100 editions. The base price is 1ETH and the step increment is 0.01. A collector purchases edition #100 (the artwork with the highest token ID) for 1ETH, this automatically sets the price for edition #99 at 1.01. When edition #99 is purchased, #98 will be available to buy at a price of 1.02 and so on.

Step Sales reward early buyers with lower prices but also adds value for those who purchase later as they receive art with a lower token ID.

24-Hour Reserve Auctions

Auctions allow you to find the absolute maximum that someone is prepared to pay for your work, ‘buy now’ gives the security of not selling your artwork for less than you think it’s worth: our 24-hour reserve auctions give you the best of both worlds.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Mint artworks as normal, selecting 24hr reserve auction at the point of creation

  2. Define a reserve price — this reserve price can be changed at any point up to the time a bid meets the chosen reserve price.

  3. When a collector places a bid that meets the defined reserve price, the 24hr auction begins — there is no going back at this point!

  4. New collectors can come in and outbid any existing bidders

  5. Once you are the top bidder and the time has started, you cannot withdraw your bid

  6. If a bid is placed in the last 15 minutes of the auction, the timer is extended by another 15 minutes

  7. When the timer hits zero, the seller OR buyer can complete the auction to trigger the exchanging of funds and the token

Early Access

We don't just give you a platform to sell your artwork, we give you the tools to build a long-term career as an artist. And no artist’s career would be successful without a loyal band of supporters.

That’s why we’ve recently made it even easier to reward collectors in order to help you build an ardent following.

Our early access sales allow you to select certain wallet addresses to be rewarded with early access to your sales. Wallets can be selected in the following ways:

By selecting all holders of a single (or multiple) POAP (proof of attendance protocol)

By selecting all KnownOrigin Collectors

By selecting all KnownOrigin Collectors of a specific edition

By uploading a CSV of chosen digital wallets

Thriving KnownOrigin community

Perhaps the biggest reason to join KnownOrigin is the opportunity to receive ongoing support and guidance from our growing community of digital artists.

Our application process ensures you’ll become part of a group of like-minded people that all share the same goal of succeeding as a digital artist, you’ll be able to connect, collaborate and learn from people just like yourself as you embark on your own journey.

Don’t know where to start with setting up a crypto wallet? Reach out in our weekly calls. Looking for other artists to collaborate with? Connect via our Discord.

If you have any further questions, our team would be more than happy to answer them. Get in touch with us on any of our socials.

Alternatively, If you feel like KnownOrigin could be the perfect place to either kickstart or advance your career as an NFT artist - we’d love to hear from you! Apply to join us at https://knownorigin.io/apply.