Life Magazine To Drop Iconic 20th Century Photography Collection on KnownOrigin

Life Magazine have entered the world of NFTs, with their first historic drop on KnownOrigin.

KnownOrigin is partnering with Life Magazine, to drop an NFT photography collection from the 20th century on April 14th.
Following several months of talks and preparation, the two companies have built a bridge between Web2 and Web3, and are ready to present this collection at KnownOrigin’s Decentraland gallery.

Opening with a party on April 14th at 6pm UTC, the collection will include a reserve auction, rare editions and other limited items.
Two hours prior to the opening, Life Magazine will host a Twitter Spaces session alongside the KnownOrigin team to discuss the collection and what this partnership means for both companies.

“LIFE always seeks to share its incredible photography with new communities,” said Tom Rowland, President of the LIFE Picture Collection. “There is a growing number of photography enthusiasts on Web3, and we see this as a way to engage with new audiences around photojournalism and art.”
The collection also includes portraits of Margaret Bourke-White, who was the first American female war photojournalist.

David Moore, KnownOrigin’s co-founder, commented, “We are delighted that LIFE has partnered with us to launch their journey into NFTs. LIFE is an iconic and historically important brand with compelling and instantly recognizable imagery and covers. Photography and NFT photography are fantastic use cases for blockchain tech and NFTs. We have recently seen photography grow in importance and collectability within the NFT community. The LIFE Picture Collection is unrivaled in its breadth and variety of awe-inspiring content. It’s an honor to have LIFE on our platform.”
LIFE will offset any emissions generated from the NFT minting process from sales. A portion of the proceeds from the NFT sales will also be donated to charities chosen by the LIFE team, with the first drop benefitting the Malala Fund.