KnownOrigin joins eBay

KnownOrigin joins eBay to help lead their NFT and web3 strategy bringing

Today we are excited to share the news that we have joined eBay to help lead their NFT and digital collectibles strategy with the mission to bring web 3 capabilities to the platform.

When we started KO in 2018 our mission was simple, build out a platform for digital creators to monetise their work and engage in the world of NFTs and crypto. Today marks the start of the next chapter for KO in which we take the platform and community to a much bigger audience, bringing NFTs, digital art and collectibles to a truly worldwide platform.

One of the main reasons why we have taken this decision is because eBay’s culture is fueled by a strong belief in community and innovation. They’ve spent the past 25 years building a passionate community of sellers and buyers on their marketplace. They have impressed us with their genuine enthusiasm to learn, embrace and understand the nuances of web3 culture.

eBay is currently undertaking a massive tech-led reimagination and we are at the heart of their vision. We’re excited to see how together we can empower our existing creators and introduce a whole new global audience through this acquisition.

We truly believe that this will help bring all of us, KO, eBay and the wider community, to another level. Together, we’ll give even more artists a platform to share their art and give even more people the opportunity to own it.

More detailed FAQs will be released soon and we will be hosting a community catchup as normal in the coming week to talk though this exciting news with the community.

KO Founders