KnownOrigin Launches Ambassador Programme

KnownOrigin recently launched the Ambassador Programme, which is a key step in increasing the power that the community have within the NFT platform.

What is the Ambassador Programme?

The ambassador programme is an important first step in our plan to become a more community curated and empowered platform. We’ll essentially be putting power in the hands of our community members.

How do I become an Ambassador?

Ambassadors are picked through an application process, followed by an interview process. We will periodically open applications for rotating and new roles.

What does an Ambassador do?

Ambassadors have onboarding and curatorial privileges, so are able to choose people from their represented group to get onto the platform and also choose who is featured on our website.

Who are the Ambassadors?

Inclusion Ambassador (Women’s)

@cryptopom1 (Twitter)

@JimenaBuenaVida (Twitter)

Inclusion Ambassador (BIPOC)

Crystal Petit
@CrystalPNight (Twitter)

Inclusion Ambassador (Accessibility)

@pain_and_pixels (Twitter)

Inclusion Ambassador (LGBTQ+)

Miss Maquillage
@Miss_Maquillage (Twitter)

Mental Health and Well-Being Ambassador

Sheila Darcey/SketchPoetic
@SheilaDarcey (Twitter)

Education Ambassador

Candido Crespo
@CRESPOarts (Twitter)

Community Ambassador

Monica Henson/TheArtSchoolTourist
@artskooltourist (Twitter)

Maryanne Chisolme
@MaryanneChiso2 (Twitter)

Collector Ambassador

Catacomb/Mattey Nice
@Mattey_nice (Twitter)

Afrofuturism Ambassador

Zach Murray
@CosmoZach1 (Twitter)

Ai Art Ambassador

Kevin Page
@KevinWPage (Twitter)

Contemporary Visual Arts Ambassador

@ARTJEDI1 (Twitter)

3D Art Ambassador

Anna Natter
@AnnaNatter (Twitter)

Metaverse Ambassador

@Hazmus (Twitter)

Photography Ambassador

Gisel X Florez
@GiselFlorez (Twitter)

@169lollo (Twitter)

Curation Specialist Ambassador

@lucclop (Twitter)

Sculpturings/Rebecca Rose
@sculpturings (Twitter)

Dana ‘Dove’ Devereaux
@gutterdove (Twitter)

Brian Bixby
@brian_bixby (Twitter)