HumanAid x BlockEureka

HumanAid have combined forces with the legendary artists from the South American artist collective with BlockEureka for a project whose proceeds will go directly to Doctors Without Borders.

"Crypto for Better"

HumanAid is a next-generation, digitally accessible and overdue non-governmental organisation.

When a humanitarian crisis erupts HumanAid channels the force of its large and talented online community to swiftly build creative and digital humanitarian aid campaigns. We are creating a global network of volunteers and provide them with the necessary tools to operatively, immediately and effectively take part in international humanitarian aid campaigns that they will be proud of. HumanAid is setting free unprecedented potential, creativity and workforce of all the people from all over the world that want to help when they care about a humanitarian crisis.

The invasion of Ukraine is a major threat to the human security of Ukrainians. A threat to their personal, health, food, community, political, environmental, and economic security. While people are fleeing, sheltering, or fighting, many others seek to help in one way or another. HumanAid shares this urge and our new aid campaign connects innovation and fundamental groundwork.

We have created an NFT Collectible that aims to provide help for those in need. Each drop of our collectible “Crypto for Better” will consist of seven artworks. Every art piece includes one letter of our logo, each representing one pillar of Human Security.

For the first drop, we will work with amazing artists from the South American artist collective BlockEureka: Ales, Asch, Boreal, Guri, Lucho, and Xomatok. Additionally, it will feature an art piece from the amazing Miranda Marquez.
We can’t think of better artists to join in on our efforts. Every day, for one week, we will drop their individual pieces on KnownOrigin, where they will be auctioned exclusively. KnownOrigin has proven to be the best platform given all the initiatives they supported in the past.
All proceeds will go directly to Doctors Without Borders. Doctors Without Border provides vital medical care in Ukraine and to evacuees.
This launch is the first of a series that we will create together with our community, partners, and participating artists.

We believe that this innovative approach to fundraising not only gives donors the opportunity to receive an exclusive work of art that stands for a greater purpose but also offers the possibility of future income by the nature of NFTs.
All artists can participate in our joint effort by dedicating their auctions to HumanAid and the crises we care for. Simply use KnownOrigin which allows you to split primary and secondary sales by adding our HumanAid profile to your auction.
Join in on our efforts from the 21-28th of April on KnownOrigin.

We spoke to the artists themselves about the project:

Why did you choose to work with HumanAid?
Lucho: Since I started in the world of NFTs I have sought to give back to the society that allows me to develop as an artist and HumanAid is a great opportunity to help through what I’m most passionate about.

How do you think NFTs can be used to make a positive change?
Lucho: Without a doubt, all technologies can be used for great things if we focus as humans on that, and I think there are many people within the NFT scene who are looking to generate a real change in society through them.

Xomatok: I believe that all technology can be used for positive purposes, it is important to keep the intention of generating development through every action.
NFTs have opened up a disruptive opportunity that can be a great way to bring about great change.

What was your thought when creating this art piece?
Xomatok: My work is based on chromatic exploration and abstraction, which is why I decided to use the entire palette used by HumanAid, giving it movement and continuity, contained in the shapes of the typography, so that it becomes a multi-coloured pattern that represents multiculturalism, diversity and union.