🔥 Drops - 12 May 2022

In the week of our most recent application window we have gathered another cross section of rare drops from artists already on our platform. We celebrate the works of ctlnmsnd, Solana Viton Waissmann, yrdgz and earlyWoRm, who demonstrate a high level of varying skills across the digital art spectrum. We hope you enjoy the selection as much as we do!

DISTRESS IV by ctlnmsnd

Architect ctlnmsnd brings us a bold and unyielding composition meant to express outrage and unease. Through the use of 3D techniques, this collection manages to feel architectural, bleak and dynamic. The use of broken glass and splintered geometric shapes feel as if they are converging and clashing together like a mind riddled with shattered thoughts.

Dorothy Yoni(V)erse by Solana Viton Waissmann

lightScreams #9 by yrdgz

As NFT.NYC 2022 approaches, this drop features a photograph taken by yrdgz at the Dreamverse Party during NFT.NYC 2021. The long exposure time on the shot creates what is called a light painting, meaning this photo represents a stream of time rather than a single moment. The energy of the party becomes a vibrant visual texture that feels like we’ve had one too many orders of old fashioned at the open bar.

"Updating" by earlyWoRm

This piece by earlyWoRm talks about the constant state of calibration we are in as human beings. This is told through a range of techniques, from pattern, to crisp graphics to loose mark making. It almost feels as though every time the artist finished, they brought out a new tool and changed the whole thing up.

This work has it all, and talks to our inability as artists to settle into a box or a label, constantly looking for new strings in our creative bows. It is great to see so much expression of technique within a single piece.