🔥 Drops - 5 May 2022

This week’s drops are a look into some of the exciting works being freshly minted here on KnownOrigin. Bringing these works to the masses is a delight when so much skill is on show in the #KOmmunity, and as we continue to grow, it is exciting to see new names in our list of minting artists. We hope you enjoy these artworks as much as we do.

Esperanza Jones by Boreal

This grungy piece depicts the Iconic Grace Jones in a style reminiscent of work by Basquiat and Warhol. Boreal takes the groundwork laid out by those artists and elevates them to the digital era, filling each canvas with loose, expressive marks which convey the texture and energy of modern society. With a mastery of traditional techniques, he manages to bring forth a contemporary feeling. We at KnownOrigin are excited to see where he goes next.

Miller Delight by PaintingsWithLeslie

Leslie Ann Cruz shows her portraiture skills in this expressive artwork depicting late rap superstar, Mac Miller. Leslie told our staff that spirituality plays a big part in her work, and that her mental state at the time is interwoven into the series, held forever on the blockchain. She also expressed a love for spicy food, which we at KO can certainly relate to. The work uses vibrant colours and playful shapes to evoke the feeling of Mac Miller’s passion for his craft, and Leslie’s admiration of him as a fellow artist. 

Mandela Grand Bled Soup Bleu by Fred Ebami (Little Africa x Californien)

Fred Ebami shows the intertwined fates of pop art and the blockchain with this collection made in homage to the Campbell soup works of Andy Warhol. Both NFTs and Pop Art deal with the idea of scarcity of artwork in an age of mass production and replication. This collection takes the visual cues of Pop Art and uses them to commemorate important figures in African politics, civil rights and arts. This piece in particular is of Nelson Mandella, and provides a description of his achievements.

Teenage Cage - Time #2 by Philip Riches

This piece seems to tackle passage of time and the inevitability of ageing through the medium of makeup and photography. Many pieces of broken clockwork are assembled onto the model in a way that feels like time itself is engulfing his youthful ideas of grandeur, gaining the appearance of high fashion jewellery. Philip has also joined the phygital revolution and embedded an unlockable within the work that grants the buyer a print of this work.