🔥 Drops - 21st April 2022

This week in Drops, we have a wide selection of amazing artworks from many corners of the digital art spectrum. From the primal spirituality of LUCHO’s expressive street art style, to the high fidelity 3D artwork of GiKKNOW, we present you an exciting collection, demonstrating a refined cross-section of what’s happening on KnownOrigin this week

“H” - Crypto for Better by LUCHO

The great LUCHO uses his trademark expressive street art style to raise funds for Humanaid’s “Crypto for Better” campaign. Kicking off the set with “H”, the collection will feature a unique artwork for each letter of “Humanaid”. The work features many of LUCHO’s hallmarks, the central figure contorted into an unnatural position, oozing with mysterious spiritual symbology. His mastery of medium is also heavily on display with a dynamic mix of controlled and expressive marks.

Eminence by GiKKNOW

3D sculpting meets digital painting in this character piece reminiscent of high fantasy illustration. GiKKNOW shows beautifully how game design principles can themselves be an art form. The digital paint marks blend naturally with 3D forms in a beautifully framed moment, which is both technically impressive and artistically expressive.

Innercity #1 by Ari Karma

Ari Karma embodies our passion for disruption here at KnownOrigin, using digital art techniques in order to bend the rigid cityscape into a distorted tunnel structure. The result is playful and engaging, inviting the viewer to float above, below and within the city all at the same time in this mind-bending reality.

Sisterhood by Patricksartz

Sisterhood is a 1/3 piece as part of Patricksartz’s “Black Elegance” collection, to celebrate African heritage and contemporary life through art. In Patrick's own words, “Sisterhood is about two sisters, dazzling with great power and standing with honour, radiating light and virtue... Because black is beautiful - worth more than diamonds and gold.” Patrick employs a technique he calls “Taking the line for a walk” - scribbling away using his thumb and an inking brush within procreate. Using this technique He maintains a stark balance between chaotic mark making and photorealism.