🔥 Drops - 14th April 2022

This week we see LIFE make their NFT debut with KnownOrigin, showcasing the visual chronicle of the 20th century. Followed by Marlon Portales’ mythos and eroticism interpretation. Roger Allan Cleaves’ rich tapestry piece and Kushnadas Ai text-to-image generated art

First LIFE Magazine Cover by LIFE

Founded in 1936, LIFE, the first photography publication in the United States, coined the term “photo essay” and established a unique visual storytelling style in popular culture. With work from trailblazing photographer Margaret Bourke-White, the first drop offers the opportunity for serious collectors to own selected authentic, important pieces of photography from the cover essay of LIFE’s first issue.

Atenea´s dream by marlon-portales

Marlon Portales exhibits his keen understanding of the human form in this seductive piece inspired by Ancient Greek myths of Medusa and Athena. In "The Garden of Earthly Delights” collection, Portales combines use of traditional mythos and eroticism with digital art techniques to capture a sense of timelessness that taps into our primal selves.

You Can't Drown A Shark by RogerAllanART

Roger Allan Cleaves creates a rich tapestry of afro-futurist symbology in this piece, set within his own “Forget Me Nots Land”, a narrative multiverse in which Cleaves sets his work. The juxtaposition of unfiltered, childlike expression and sophisticated composition create a visual tug of war that allows the piece to jump forward from the canvas and drag the viewer in, beckoning us to delve into each symbol and its meaning.

The Pyramids #004 by Kushnadas

Kushnadas presents a chaotic melee of Ai text-to-image generated art trained around the Aztec pyramids. Recognizable imagery dissipates into unfamiliar, surreal masses. It brings to mind the cognitive dissonance of a psychedelic trip. He is sure in his descriptions to clarify the “human touch” that is essential to all Ai driven art projects, in which the tools become the collaborators. This back and forth tennis match between human and Ai is where works such as this draw such massive appeal to the tech savvy and curiosity seekers alike.