NFT Backup From ClubNFT is now Live on KnownOrigin!

We’re delighted to announce that we are partnering with ClubNFT, a move that will allow all KnownOrigin users to easily future-proof the storage of their NFTs with just one click.

The current industry standard for storing NFT assets (e.g the piece of art associated with your specific NFT) involves a third-party service such as IPFS. These third-party providers act as the data host for the digital asset, while the NFT itself is recorded as a log on the blockchain. This safe and trusted method has also been our approach, however, we’re now excited to introduce innovative new measures that ensure NFT collectors will permanently retain complete autonomy over every aspect of their collections, both off and on-chain.

And that’s where ClubNFT comes in! Founded in 2021 by Jason Bailey (aka Artnome) and Chris King (formerly of Google), ClubNFT is a company on a mission to help empower artists and collectors by providing tools and services that allow you to discover, protect and share your NFTs.

In addition to a one-click ‘backing up’ of your NFTs, the integration of ClubNFT tooling will also allow KnownOrigin users to gain insight into how NFTs in their collection were minted. Not only that, you can also see which marketplaces follow best storage practices as well as technical insights for the detail-conscious collectors out there.

What’s more, this process is quick and super user-friendly - to backup your NFTs on KnownOrigin simply hit the button shown in the image. It can be found on your profile, underneath your profile picture.

Ensuring that site users are in control of the assets they create and collect has always been a top priority at KnownOrigin. As platform co-founder and CTO James Morgan explains:

"We care deeply about the safety and longevity of our users' NFTs, which is why we follow Web3 best practices and have invested heavily in building a safe storage infrastructure, utilizing multiple IPFS providers. NFT token longevity and technical quality is a problem which is not only often overlooked but often totally ignored. Building NFTs which last decades into the future is key to the success of the industry. We're pleased to be working with companies like ClubNFT to help build tools and awareness around such crucial and important topics”.

So, whilst our current storage practices are safe and secure, we want to go one step further and initiate a future-focussed approach for all artists, collectors and appreciators who make up the KnownOrigin ecosystem. We look forward to working closely with ClubNFT on this matter and are excited to introduce these and other innovative services to support the dynamic, constantly-evolving nature of the Web3 space.