Ann Ahoy + MoCDA

In this series we will take you one step closer to the art and the artists in the crypto space.

KnownOrigin is working in partnership with MoCDA (Museum of Contemporary Digital Art) to produce a series of live art talks that present contemporary crypto art to the public, with curatorial insights and interactive Q&A.

Ann Ahoy:

I create colourful images with surreal, lighthearted vibes — sometimes playful, sometimes on the edge of absurdity. They are the product of my vivid imagination scouting the outside world. Everyday life inspires me, and it can be the most trivial things finding their way into my art. However, in most cases it’s fellow humans that strike my attention with curiosity and wonder.

We would like to thank Serena Tabacchi for giving up their time to collaborate on this with us. Article by @MOCDA_.