Angie Taylor + MoCDA

Live conversation with digital artist Angie Taylor

Behind the Screens is a live talk series in collaboration between the digital art platform KnownOrigin and MoCDA, the Museum of Contemporary Digital Art.

About Angie Taylor: VR Artist, Sculptor & Animator, Angie Taylor originally studied sculpture in the 1980s. She created wood carvings, bronzes & steel constructions. She became an animator, illustrator & an Adobe demo artists in the 90's, before ditching it all to follow her art. She creates immersive VR projects, digital sculpture & animation. Her work juxtaposes a DIY, Punk ethic, & fresh immediacy of naive art, with the complexity of 3D digital technology. She also explores the challenges of neurodiversity.

We would like to thank Serena Tabacchi for giving up their time to collaborate on this with us. Article by @MOCDA_.