How does KnownOrigin work

Artists, illustrators & designers can showcase and sell their work on our gallery


Create artwork (jpg or Gif)

Artists can submit digital artwork as jpgs or Gifs to KnownOrigin gallery. All files are held decentrally on IPFS. All assets are given unique identifiers which can be tracked with provenance maintained. Learn more about IPFS


Submit artwork to the gallery

The artist control the number of copies that should exist which creates scarcity. Once all the assets have been sold no more will ever exist. Submit your digital artwork via our simple form.


Sell rare digital art to a new wave of art collector

Collectors can buy and sell digital assets with crypto and let the KODA_v2 smart contracts handling splitting commission. No middleman are required, artists will immediately receive payment directly to their crypto wallet.

Why we use blockchain technology


Smart and Transparent

KnownOrigin is a platform allowing artists to submit limited-edition digital artwork that is backed by Blockchain. The combination of smart contracts and ERC721 (NFT) compliance adds a level of transparency and securing that have never been seen before.


Providing provenance

Using the power of the Ethereum and smart contracts we provide a trusted and secure way to ensure provenance or chain-of-custody is maintained for digital art which is sold on KnownOrigin.


True ownership of digital work

Using blockchain technology any digital artwork can be permanently embedded into a blockchain providing an immutable, trustworthy and reliable source of ownership. Each piece is unique and the full chain-of-custody history can viewed by anyone online.