Artist Application Form

The application process

Before applying please ensure you have completely filled in all applicable information about yourself in your KnownOrigin profile, including your cover and profile images.

We currently receive hundreds of applications each month. Please be patient if you do not hear back from us immediately.

If any of fields or checks are incomplete it is unlikely your application will be successful

For example,
Hint: Click 'login' on KnownOrigin, visit your profile page and copy the URL from there.

We will contact you on this address as we process your application.

Please provide a link to a small selection from your portfolio, ideally no more than 5 items.
We advise you to use services such as Dropbox or Google Drive. Please make sure that any links can be viewed publicly.

Tell us about your work and process

What we are looking for

  • The most original and outstanding work from you which really demonstrates skill and artistic prowess
  • Original artwork in a digital form, this can be in various formats such as images and videos
  • Any artwork uploaded to KnownOrigin cannot be submitted to any other blockchain platforms
  • All artworks must be created by yourself or authorised by the curator/artists
  • Application checklist

    Next steps

    Once shortlisted we will reach out to you to verify your identity and any links to other social accounts.

    Once enabled you will be able to freely upload and sell your work on the platform. This process can be slow so please bear with us, it may take a few weeks or longer.

    Please come and join our growing community on Discord and follow us on Twitter.

    KnownOrigin currently uses Ethereum blockchain for minting and the sale of artwork.